Colorado primary election voter guide: Everything you need to know

2022-07-02 09:22:41 By : Mr. Reemon Chi

DENVER – The Colorado primary election, where Republican voters will nominate their challengers for governor, Secretary of State, the U.S. Senate and more, is happening tonight.

Here's what you need to know about how to vote, where to vote, and who is running in this year’s primary election.

Where’s my ballot/what can I do if I didn’t get one/How can I vote if I forgot to mail my ballot back?

If you’re a registered voter, you should have already received your 2022 primary election ballot in the mail – whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, or an unaffiliated voter. The deadline for mailing them back was June 20.

If you haven’t received a ballot because you’re not a registered voter or forgot to mail yours back by last week’s deadline, you can still register to vote and vote in-person by 7 o’clock this evening.

Voters who completed their ballots but didn’t mail them back can drop them off at their nearest drop box or voting center. If you don’t know your polling location, head over to your county clerk’s website or to find out where you need to go to cast your vote.

You’re strongly encouraged to check or update your voter registration to make sure you’re eligible to vote in tonight’s primary election. The Secretary of State’s office is also urging you to sign up for Ballotrax, which sends you text alerts about where your ballot is in the process of being counted. For voters who may encounter signature verification setbacks, the TXT2Cure System is a good way to get that sorted out.

How to vote if you haven’t done it in while/how to vote if you’re an unaffiliated voter

If you’re voting in-person or if you haven’t yet turned in the ballot you received in the mail, just make sure to fill out the ovals completely with black or blue ink and that the outside of your ballot is signed.

If you’re unaffiliated, you received not one but two ballots in the mail – one for the Democratic primary elections and one for Republican primary elections. If that was you, just make sure to vote and return only one of them. If you vote on the two of them and return both of them to a polling center or drop box, your vote will not be counted.

Why is the Colorado primary election important/who is running in the primary election in 2022?

Primary elections will decide which candidates will represent each party on the ballot during this year’s November midterm election. The winner of each primary will move on to the November ballot to face opposing party candidates.

Colorado’s statewide seats, including governor, attorney general, secretary of state and treasurer, are up for election this November, as is one of the state’s U.S. Senate seats, every congressional seat, and legislative races across the state.

For an official list of the 2022 primary election candidates, click here.

Denver7 will have more coverage on tonight’s primary election on-air, online and on our streaming apps throughout the afternoon and evening.

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