Competitive price 3.2m digital eco solvent printer with Epson Dx5 printhead for banner printing

Specifications Specification of 3.2m Eco Solvent Printer Model NoWER-ES3202IPrint TechnologyDrop-On-Demand Piezo electric TechnologyNumber of print-heads2 pcs Epson DX7/DX5/XP600Nozzles4* 4 color ( C M Y K )Resolution1440 dpiInk typePiezo Eco solvent inkInk supplying systemAuto ink supplying systemMaintenance of the Pr

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Specification of 3.2m Eco Solvent Printer 
Model NoWER-ES3202I
Print TechnologyDrop-On-Demand Piezo electric Technology
Number of print-heads2 pcs Epson DX7/DX5/XP600
Nozzles4* 4 color ( C M Y K )
Resolution1440 dpi
Ink typePiezo Eco solvent ink
Ink supplying systemAuto ink supplying system
Maintenance of the Printhead One button cleaning printhead by solvent
Assistant option Auto feeding and take up system Equipped
Heating systemStage heating system incluidng back , front heating 
Carriage height2-5mm distance to be printing platform adjustable 
Other Function Light for carriage position 
Media accetpableFlex Banner, mesh, PVC vinyl, photo paper, PP paper, backlit film, wall-paper,window film etc.
Print width max3200 MM
SpeedMass production mode30 m2/h
Quality mode25 m2/h
Ultra quality mode20 m2/h
InterfaceUSB 2.0
RIP SoftwareMaintop
Linear railTHK linear rail
Operation Valtage AC 220 V   50/ 60 Hz
Power 500w printing system ,500W heating system( Front heating 500w ,Rear heating 500w, Back heating 1000W)
Working environmentTemperature: 22ºC ~ 28ºC; Humidity: 40% ~ 70%
N.W.850 kg
Machine Size 4.65*0.87*1.26m
Packing G.W. 950KG
Packing  Size4.82*1.22*1.6m
1 SET 
1 Set 


35% cheaper than other factories for ecosolvent printers
100% refund & new one if unsolved for product defects 
Video tutorial, video troubleshooting, local service
Printhead,motor & core parts from Japan and German
98.7% 5 stars good reviews from our customers

Digital Printing Applications:For advertising, signage, shopping mall, car décor, interior décor, mass traffic, canvas art, exhibition expo, poster, packaging printing and more

  • Ink colors: Eco for C,M,Y,K,
  • Print head: Epson XP600 / DX5 / DX7
  • Print speed: 60m2/h for Production Mode
  • Perfect applications: for signs, decals, vehicle wraps, wall graphics, canvas, posters, banners, displays, backlit displays, fleet graphics, coating paper and more

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Competitive Price 3.2m Digital Eco Solvent Printer with Epson Dx5 Printhead for Banner Printing

Competitive Price 3.2m Digital Eco Solvent Printer with Epson Dx5 Printhead for Banner Printing

Outdoor car sticker advertising applications

For example, we will see all kinds of buses in the street at ordinary times, the bus is open to post ads outside of pictorial machine printing, through outdoor photo machine to print advertising is not only bright, clear picture, and not for a long time to fade. Outdoor advertising people covering range is wide body, can achieve very good publicity for a long time.
Competitive Price 3.2m Digital Eco Solvent Printer with Epson Dx5 Printhead for Banner Printing
Competitive Price 3.2m Digital Eco Solvent Printer with Epson Dx5 Printhead for Banner Printing

Corridor light box advertising, store advertising, subway station, bus station advertising

For light we should be very familiar with, as some stores are lamplight illuminate for a long time, if use water-based gravure machine printing, under the lights, over time, easy to fade, image dodge, and users with pictorial machine to print the light piece can keep fresh for a long time, will not fade, so in our daily life, is also very common outdoor photo machine lamp printing application, for example, the store window corridor light box advertising, subway station, bus station advertising, etc.
Competitive Price 3.2m Digital Eco Solvent Printer with Epson Dx5 Printhead for Banner Printing

Outdoor advertising canvas cloth, flag cloth, etc

This kind of material is also very popular with the market, is also very popular in the outdoor advertising, such as building large outdoor advertising display, highway large billboard advertising images, construction site brand wall advertising, outdoor wall lamp box and so on. If a user within the pictorial machine water-based ink printed on it, so it is not waterproof, if be affected with damp or water is very easy to cause the picture spread dizzy, which affects the quality of the images.

Competitive Price 3.2m Digital Eco Solvent Printer with Epson Dx5 Printhead for Banner Printing

Company Shows

Competitive Price 3.2m Digital Eco Solvent Printer with Epson Dx5 Printhead for Banner Printing
Competitive Price 3.2m Digital Eco Solvent Printer with Epson Dx5 Printhead for Banner Printing


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1. What materials this printer can print on?

WER eco solvent ink has a higher compatibility. A variety of professional print modes, meet the application requirements of different industries. Completely suitable for banner cloth, flex banner, car stickers and other soft advertising products.
2.What is the printer production capacity / printing speed?

WER indoor eco solvent printer equipped EPSON DX5 and DX7 Piezo print head, two printheads distributed Dislocated. The printing width of the printhead is 2 inch, each color has 720 nozzles, make the printing speed to increase 2 times, Auto sense ink supplying system, make the inks flow more smoothly,  large front heating boards help to avoid drying inks to effect the ink output efficiency. Print 360*720 DPI,the speed can up to 52.7/hour.
3.What about the printing quality?

Equipped with EPSON DX5 and DX7 Piezo print head, variable drop printing, 1440 DPI high resolution output, unique two-dimensional eclosion function, eliminate the printing banding, improve the printing quality. original import bushless motor, High precision drive, Linear decoding, higher accuracy, the length error is smaller, improve the printing quality, and ensure the stable running.
4.Is printhead easy to clog?
Use import ink stack, and automatic Print-head cleaning system,ink absorption, Moisturizing function, to get highest printing quality. Ensure the best printing output, The big capacity ink supplying system, guarantee the request of the ink supply.improve the moisture of the nozzle.ensure the output quality of the frame.
5. What software to be Compatible?
Intelligent design, compatible for maintop,photoprint etc printing software can be Compatible, scientific operation to make the printing easily.
6. Does the machine need long time to deal with the pictures?
Our printer equipped HI-USB, the transfer speed can be 480M/S, save much time for you.

7. Advantages of the outdoor eco solvent printer?
The drying resistance and weather resistance of Outdoor eco ink: due to the outdoor printing picture hanging for a long time, uv, acid and alkali, dust and air pollution will affect the picture effect.

8.The stability of the outdoor eco solvent ink: 

organic pigment print ink, whose principle is evenly distributed in organic solvent system, some inferior ink because of its choice only pursue cheap raw materials, pigment drop sizes differ, suspension system is very unstable, over time, the change of temperature, which can produce delamination, precipitation phenomenon.
9.Color gamut performance of outdoor eco solvent printer:

each gamut can cause different gamut effects. Try to select the colors the local people like, this is also the fact to choose color.
10.How to maintain if the machine do not use for a long time?
A.If do not use in a short time (3-7 days)

A1.1keep the printhead wet.
A2.If you have enough time, you can wash the printhead, and print a test picture, and use up the inks in the printhead and inks damper, in case, the inks precipitated.
B. if do not use for a long time.(more than half an month)

B1.clean the print head with ink cleaning solution. Place the head at area without sunlight and keep its surface moist
B2.clean the ink in the tubes, which will help to avoid clogging caused by ink settling
B3 .cover the printer with thin film, prevent dust from going to the controlling boards
11.What does the outdoor eco solvent printer print?

PP adhesive, cold laminated film, PP synthetic paper, high glossy photo paper, backlit film, sticky note, adhesive vinyl, one way vision, flex banner, etc.  
12.difference between outdoor eco solvent printer and indoor eco solvent printer

Eco solvent printer has 2 types, they are outdoor eco solvent printer and indoor eco solvent printer. Main differences are as following:

Firstly, outdoor durability
Prints of indoor eco solvent printer has very poor outdoor durability, fade quickly outdoor. But this is not a problem with outdoor eco solvent printer.
Secondly, application. Let's take advertisement as an example. It has 2 types, indoor ads and outdoor ads.
Indoor ads, normally very close to passer-by, which requires very high print quality, then the ads is still very clear even when you observe standing very close to it. Not like outdoor environment with sunlight, rain, snow, etc., no need to worry about color fading caused by severe weather conditions.
While outdoor ads often put outdoor, so both the print materials and ink should have very strong outdoor durability. Because outdoor ads mostly put far away from the passer-by, medium print quality is enough for use.
The main difference between outdoor eco solvent printer and indoor eco solvent printer is the different inks used. Their inks can't interchange between each other. Print head structure is also different, please be careful to use the right ink.
13.Is the outdoor eco solvent printer same as the solvent printer?

Not the same, outdoor eco solvent printer has much better print quality than solvent printer, while solvent printer has much faster print speed than outdoor eco solvent printer.
Solvent printer has very strong smell, but outdoor eco solvent printer is comparatively much lighter in smell
Main difference:
Outdoor eco solvent printer, light smell & high resolution
Solvent printer, fast speed & strong smell

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