Fill Seal Label Date Printer with PLC System

Filling Sealing Labeling Date Printer Machine with PLC SystemCustomer\'s liquid nature: syrup   1.23-600 cpCustomer\'s require: 4000BPH-450ML, 6000BPH-100MLBottle volume:450ml, 100~200mlCap : plastic and screw cap, diameter: 28 mmPET Bottle size:Dia 45+1.0 mm, Height 114.5+1.0 mm for 100 mlDia 49.5*1.0 mm, Height

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Filling Sealing Labeling Date Printer Machine with PLC System

Customer's liquid nature: syrup   1.23-600 cp
Customer's require: 4000BPH-450ML, 6000BPH-100ML
Bottle volume:450ml, 100~200ml
Cap : plastic and screw cap, diameter: 28 mm
PET Bottle size:
Dia 45+1.0 mm, Height 114.5+1.0 mm for 100 ml
Dia 49.5*1.0 mm, Height 134.0+1.0 mm for 200 ml
Dia72+/-1.0 mm. Height 175.81.0 mm for'150 ml
Bottle neck:25+/-0.2tmm  
Filling Sealing Labeling Date Printer Machine with PLC System
1.112 heads rotary filling capping machine (FOR 450ML)313591 set31359filling accuracy control:+/-1%, SUS304, touch liquid part SS316L with RA0.6
1.216 heads rotary filling capping machine (FOR 100~200ML)398141 set39814filling accuracy control:+/-1%, SUS304, touch liquid part SS316L with RA0.6
1.3Light inspection table8142set16281500*45mm
2Round bottle labeling machine77252set154501 self-adhesive,
3CO2 date printer64882sets12976 
Sum EXW:101227.00USD

1  Rotary filling capping machine:
Filling Sealing Labeling Date Printer Machine with PLC SystemFilling Sealing Labeling Date Printer Machine with PLC SystemIt is unique designed for pharmaceutical industry liquid filling capping process.  With high speed of products and compact structure, controlled by imported PLC, for high filling accuracy.  It can not only dependently works, but also can link to other machines for linear production.
1. PLC control, English and Man-machine interface, operating easy and simple maintain.
2. Apply insertion type to control fluid level and ensure filling accuracy and preventing spray
3. Frequency inverter controls the whole machine to make working smooth and reliability .
4. Advanced magnetic coupler to regulate cap screwing torque to keep capping accuracy
5. Two in one monoblock structure make machine compact and beautiful appearance, save you workshop floor and labor cost .
6. Mainly made of top-quality SUS304+316L, with organic-glass hood, easy to wash & maintain, delicate & durable.

1) Model: GDHP12-4 / 16-6  12/16 nozzle filling--4/6 head capping
2) Output: 4000~6000BPH
3) Filling temperature: room temperature
4) .Filling pressure: ≤0.15Mpa
5) Suitable cap shape: PET screw cap
6) .Main power:4.5kw
7) Voltage and frequency: 400V/50Hz, 3phase, 4 wires
8) Material :SUS304
9) dimension (mm): 1000*900*2150mm for 12heads machine; 1350*1250*2150mm for 16 heads machine.
10) weight :2800 kg

Auto filling-capping system:
1. Material: Parts contacting are SUS316L(food-grade) transmission parts & gears are from A4 carbon steel quenching process
2.Main components
1) PLC : Siemens
2) Touch screen : Siemens  7''
3) Transducer & frequency converter:Panasonic 
4) Electric parts :Schneider
5) AC contactor: Schneider
6)Power switch: Schneider
7) Electricity appliance: Germany Siemens  
8) Cylinder: Airtac(Taiwan)

Standard cap-unscrambler   
1) Power: 90w
2) Dimension: 1000×500×1600mm

Spare parts:
Filling valve spring2Tools cabinet1
Filling valve O shape sealing40Spanner1
sealing ring34Inner hexagon spanner1
Tunnel wheel7Screwdriver1
Proximity switch1Photoelectric switch1
Heating tube4  

1.3  Light inspection table:
Filling Sealing Labeling Date Printer Machine with PLC SystemIntroduction:
It's with two lights which are installed on the conveyor to check the products quality if there is obvious impurities, so that labor can pick it out ;
Power : 220V 50HZ  60w   Size: 1500*45mm

2  Auto round bottle labeling machine:
Filling Sealing Labeling Date Printer Machine with PLC SystemSuitable for round bottle labeling, English Chinese touch screen operation, easy to learn the function.  PLC and servo motor feedback control, make no error, achieving instantaneous constant speed instantaneous abrupt stop, labeling, high precision and strong stability.

  1. Any angle label header adjustment, more suitable for different size round bottle product, operation simple and convenient.
  2. Tag tray institutions, using the constant tension make label smooth operation, the most suitable for high speed labeling.
  3. Cyanide 30 degrees dynamic locating mechanism of rubber roller and clamping cylinder roller, make the product smooth rotation, thus improve the labeling accuracy.
  4. Base on product features, can be designed to increase the special label.
Suitable bottlePlastic,glass, metalPower 220v 50hz (customize)
Working pressure6kg/cm2 100L/minLabeling speed45m/min
Labeling accuracy1mmLabel max height200mm
Label inner diameter76.2mmLabel max outer diameter350mm
PLCSiemens(Germany)Labeling motorShen Electric(JP)
ON/OFF switchMingwei(Taiwan)Labale headSick(Germany)
Motor driver Shen Electric(JP)Detect headWeibo(Taiwan)
InverterYixian(Taiwan)Stop switchOmoron(JP)

3  Auto date printer machine (CO2):
Filling Sealing Labeling Date Printer Machine with PLC SystemCO2 Laser Marking Machine uses advanced closed continuous carbon dioxide laser,working life is more than 20,000 hours.It applys to laser cutting, engraving and marking.

The difference between flight marking machine and laser marking machine which is only to stationary objects marking is: Products flow constantly on production line in the process of coding engraved,thereby greatly enhancing the efficiency of production to make laser marking machine meet the requirements of industrial production.

Laser sourceDAVIMarking speed≤8000mm/s
Power30W Minimum linewidth0.01mm
Laser wavelength10.6UMMinimum character0.15mm
Repetition frequency20-80KHZRepeat accuracy±0.002
TEMOO Gaussian beam1.4±2Power supply220V/50Hz
Marking range70*70mm/ 110*110mm/ 150*150mmPower consumption500W
Marking depth0.01-0.3mmdimension900mmX600mmX1300mm
CoolingBuilt- in air coolingTotal weightAbout 70kg
Control interfaceStandard USBOperating systemWin 7 32bits
File formatAll the characters/ fonts of WINDOWS operating systemWorking life20,000 hours
Laser device typeCO2 RF Laser source  

Main Features
1) Advanced configuration,stable performance,high efficiency.
2) Integrated design,easy to move and operate.
3) Perfect marking,preventing counterfeit.
4) Professional flight marking system,easy operation,easy to edit any pictures and fonts.
5) Suitable for mass production,flight marking on production line.

Used for security to promote the brand and crafts, etc. With only encoding of anti-fake telephone checking system. It allows consumers to verify if it's authentic products and increase brand awareness.  It's Applicable to all kinds of metal and layers, sanitary ware, medical equipment, eyeglasses and clocks, auto parts, plastic sheet materials, electronic hardware.It is used in higher areas in depth, smoothness, finesse.

Laser sourceDAVI(30W)
Focusing systemDouble red light focusing system
Marking indicating systemBuilt-in contour, size, orientation, position indicator
Lens systemImport wavelength, a full range of chipsets
Cooling systemAir cooling
Laser galvoIntegrated optical bench design, professional digital galvanometer, high speed galvo
Professional laser control cardStatic most professional marking software
ComputerIntegrated industrial computer
Bracket3D mobile scaffold

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Filling Sealing Labeling Date Printer Machine with PLC SystemFilling Sealing Labeling Date Printer Machine with PLC SystemFilling Sealing Labeling Date Printer Machine with PLC SystemFilling Sealing Labeling Date Printer Machine with PLC SystemFilling Sealing Labeling Date Printer Machine with PLC System

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